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 Sun Station rec. - Promo



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Дата реєстрації : 10.11.2008
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Sun Station rec. -  Promo Empty
СтворюватиТема: Sun Station rec. - Promo   Sun Station rec. -  Promo EmptyСб Бер 21, 2009 5:22 pm

Sun Station rec. -  Promo 1179436323_koan__fulfilled_wish2007ncr


01. In the Forest Castle 06:22
02. Wheels of Fortune 06:19
03. Priceless Diamonds 04:47
04. Fulfilled Wish 07:41
05. Forgotten Path 05:56

After a success of first CD release "Two Moon Butterflies" on
TranceXplorer label, Koan is ready to please its listeners again.
Not giving up the idea of its original "ethno-lounge" style, Koan
continues to develop it musically and geographically. This time it
takes us to Middle East region deeper into Arabic culture.

This EP consists of 5 tracks made in one style with unique
"monolithic" mood. Filled with Arabic shades and melodies it is
fully based on modern technologies of electronic music creation.
As before we get calm and gradually evolving compositions with
well thought-out inner links. Hypnotic percussion perfectly
matches to ethnic melodic patterns and gives solid background to
each track.

Джерело http://electropeople.org/2007/05/18/koan__fulfilled_wish_promo_p_2oo7.html

Пароль на архив: http://www.electropeople.org
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Sun Station rec. - Promo
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